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More and more people ask me why I am so confident. How do I do it, if I have a way to overcome myself, to become an outgoing person and easily make contacts with people, not being afraid of anything. The main question is HOW and WHY?!

Where did these kinds of questions come from? It's easy to deduce that from obviousness - from everyday or almost everyday observation of my behavior and attitude, in my everyday life, at work, in almost every situation. Whoever would look, whether it's a veteran of acquaintance with me, or a person who spends their first minutes in life in my company, always comes to the same conclusion "She is self-confident, talkative and very communicative"... Well, it is true that I don't belong to silent people. I don't belong to people who say nothing, who stay on the sidelines and prefer to stay in the shadow. No. Usually, where I am, there is a conversation, a smile and a friendly atmosphere. Because it's me, a person who never loses a big smile from her face, a person who actually always has something to say and openly speaks, who doesn't avoid conversations and contacts with other people, and often even starts them. A human in whose company there is always something going on and there is never a numbing silence around. Yes, it's me. That girl who always smiles, always helps, loves risk and never runs away.
There are a lot of people for whom I am a mystery, I know it, some of them even tell me this straight away, and when they ask why and how I do it, that I am always outgoing and have no problem with making contacts with people, regardless of who they are, where they are from and how old they are... I never know what to answer, because... I don't know the answer. I'm just like that. For me it's something one hundred percent natural, I don't strain myself, I don't force myself to behave this way, it's just a matter of my personality. I like contact with people, and my natural first instinct is making an eye contact with another person and the wide smile to them, that other people usually force on themselves, because it's not their automatic reaction, which they don't even think about.
For some people, my character is like an atom bomb, because being someone extremely shy, who doesn't like to be seen, who prefers to stay hidden and keep silent, the presence of a person for whom nothing is impossible, may be overwhelming and even more intimidating, but well, for most people, however, self-confidence and outgoing personality is an advantage, not a disadvantage, what I even noticed and experienced at work, when during the flight passengers like to start various conversations with me, not necessarily related to travel, many times even happened to me that one of the passengers asked if there is a possibility of contact with me after the flight, or when leaving the aircraft people approached me and said that they haven't seen such a positive, smiling person for a long time and that they would like to fly with me again. It's really motivating.

So, trying to give any advice, although the self-confidence, optimism and openness flow in my veins and are really natural, not forced, for anyone who wants to work on their character and attitude, I can tell to believe in yourself  above all. Think positively that everything can go well and don't be afraid of your own shadow, and your self-esteem will certainly increase, what will definitely also improve your self-confidence.

Good luck! ✨

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