Hidden Feelings.

by - 8:10 PM

Love, anger, sadness, worry, pain, even joy. Normal human feelings that accompany everyone at all stages of life, regardless of who they are, what they do or where they were born. There is nothing wrong with them that you might be ashamed of.
So why do so many people, everyday, every day and every night, hide their thoughts, their feelings? They are afraid that they will be judged, that someone will laugh at them and that they will be hurt... Fear is also human and isn't the least reason to be ashamed, however... Life is too short to strangle all emotions whether good ones whether bad ones, all the time. Human is only a human, has the right to fall, has the right to cry, to support on someone else's arm, and to jump from happiness, without worrying about the judgments of others. Life doesn't last forever and there is no place for constant fears, worries and hiding your feelings.

Are you happy? Show it. You are afraid? Someone hurt you? Say it. Do you love? You care? Say, show, do it. Don't be afraid!

Fears, staying in shadow, hiding and strangling what I feel in myself is, contrary to appearances, the greatest enemy of people. They are silent, camouflaging, fighting, because they don't want to be weak, hopeless, or on the contrary, they are afraid that they will be perceived and tagged as nasty or self-obsessed narcissists, or worse, freaks from out of reality. People don't want to make enemies among other people, while avoiding conversations, revealing how they feel, what tires, torments, worries and what makes happy, man destroys his own psyche, increases his risk of depression, worsens the mood and self-esteem... Is it really worth the risk of clamming up? Isn't it better to open yourself to the world and see that there are also people around who will understand your feelings and won't chastise you for who you are, how you feel and what you think? Be brave. Try it, see it, give it a chance.
Don't be afraid. Life is too short to hide feelings. Too short to not be yourself. Too short to clam up. Don't do this. Open yourself. Live. You have a voice. You have a choice.

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