2016 Summary!

by - 11:58 PM

In the end I managed to complete this a bit late, but still, summary of 2016. At last. With the raised head I have to admit that the year which just ended was very hard for me and I'm proud that somehow I got by and left it safe and sound. Really. These twelve long months brought me quite a lot of happiness, admittedly, but all of these in comparing to the largeness of pain which I had to stand, much is dimming this sparkle. During these 366 days happened so lot, that I could boldly say a tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption and an earthquake went through my life in one. There was great joy, there was love, there was sadness, tears, great pain and the psychical breakdown were. I could fly about three metres above the sky and I wanted to die. I survived happy moments and learnt about serious health problems. I laughed until the tears run down my cheeks and for the entire nights cried. I reached something, I lost something. A lot I saw, and more I learnt. I got to know a lot of persons and same many I parted with. I discovered, who was a friend, and who enemy. I lost the trust, I gained the distance. It become clear to me, that all that glitters isn't gold, and what's more sometimes, what seemingly is ugly and grey, after deeper examining turns out to be the real brilliant. I changed prospects. I changed the approach towards the life. I was changed. Now, when a disputes period of time passed, I can see, that starting 2016 I was a child. Little girl. Without any experience. Without problems. Without hope. Without anything. At present I'm somebody completely different. And I have no regrets, of nothing. Both these good, as well as bad things helped me, moulded me, strengthened, helped to become a better, stronger, more immune and cleverer version of myself, without them I wouldn't become who I am now. I wouldn't be the same girl, but somebody completely different and how I suspect, much, much weaker. Now it's me. Strong, young woman with own, brightly defined aims, hopes, own specific dreams which I'm going to fulfil, no matter how, because as everybody knows, my sweat, my pain, my tears, human jealousy. I lived through a lot, a lot I survived, came to many conclusions, serious conclusions, and I don't want. I already don't want to be the same person which I was in 2016. I want to make the new 2017 special, most special, how it is only possible. To implement changes, intense changes. I want to be happy. Really happy. To reach something, at least one small success, to fulfil even one, the smallest dream. To finish everything what was bad, to bury together with the past time. Forever and irretrievably. And start new, better life, full of joy, love, happiness and pleasures. And people? They can do what they want, can hate, love, hate, try to throw off balance, but they will no longer get by, no longer. Entering 2017 I'm feeling like freed from chains, as light as a feather, like the angel, relaxed, as newborn, as if a ton of stones fell off me. Now I can start everything anew with huge smile on the face, raised head, glitter in eyes and living flame in my soul. Ah, what a amazing feeling, to have something in myself, what gives power, magical power and the light at the end of the tunnel, for this what best, most beautiful. I'm full of hope and new perspectives for the better future and with all my heart I wish nobody or nothing not to destroy this. And let it stay like this, let everything be this way, how it should be, without tears, without pain, without concerns, without the evil waiting somewhere round the corner to ruin the miracle, the beauty and the uniqueness of the life.
Happy new year!

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