by - 11:57 PM

People. They surround us everywhere, from every side, one are evoking the smile, other reducing to tears. One are comforting, next undercutting. One help, other are doing everything in order to harm and destroy. One are as good as gold, whereas other are an incorporated evil. One persons cause that living is fine, other, that most willingly wouldn't get up from the bed... Some are like the lift to the sky, then again other are pulling to the bottom... People are as are, but it depends on us and only on us, whether they will manage to pull us to the bottom, whether we will exploit all badnesses which met us from their side as the lesson and the solid shield which will strengthen us for the future. Whatever won't kill, will strengthen us, and to toxic people we also need to develop the resistance, never surrender and build own internal mettle.

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