by - 11:23 PM

In the life we meet with various more or less strange, unpleasant, irritating situations and people, but some... Are already a pitiful and incredible bottom. I would even say the bottom of the bottom. Some nonsensicality. I don't understand what a human this someone has to be, what a level represent, that the main aim of the being choose working to someone's disadvantage, live only to annoy, to make out of spite, to harm, to track every smallest pace, every smallest movement so that next use it and combine how it's only possible in order to destroy someone's friendships, plans, relations with other people, everything, to ruin the entire life. Tell me, what a damn bottom it's necessary to be to at all costs try to destroy one person? How is it possible to impersonate somebody? How it's possible to steal someone's identity, someone's life only because of having ill delusions, and in the poor head something hallucinated, that "If I don't have what you have, I will take it away from you, and destroy you, because I like it"? Yeah tell me how? What piece of rubbish human has to be to do something like that? Something such nasty? What monster, total bottom, psychopath, in order to move on to such things? Because I don't know. I don't understand. I'm not able to comprehend it. I can understand a lot, but something like that, like it - not. Unfortunately.

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