The choice is ours.

by - 11:58 AM

We live in the constant run, in a hurry, in the total amok, still rushing to something, searching endlessly not knowing of what, from target to target, as programmed machines without emotions, dreams and breaking points. We are doing something, because this way it's necessary. Because other want this way. Because world "expects" of this. Or else how will it look like, if we rebel. What people will say. Only whether actually we do it for ourselves? Whether really at least a bit we want what happens with us daily automatically,  "because it  must be this way"? No? After all. We live under such a pressure, that most often word "no" is stopping generally speaking exist, because.
Or else somebody will get cross. Or else somebody will be offended. Or else I will lose the friend. Or else people will be speaking ill of me. Or else the atmosphere will deteriorate. Or else I will be "this worse"... It's possible to give examples without ending, but everyone knows, what situations in the life met him and are meeting for the reason indeed unwelcome amongst the considerable part of society, opposition. However we have choice. Or to be a robot, machine working up to the dictation of the top-down imposed, irrational belief "because this way need to be", or as the Eminem's "Not Afraid" song says - not to give up, to rebel against what burns us down, destroys, what we don't want at all, but somehow we are being forced to it. Let, that I will quote the quotation which can be great as the mantra for persons with low self-esteem (although who knows Eminem, probably also knows this quotation by heart), and to remind that we live for ourselves - "When I say I'ma do something I do it, I don't give a damn what you think, I'm doing this for me, so fuck the world" . Don't be afraid to say "quite" for toxic life and let's start fighting for own, to do what is making us happy, what make us feeling fulfilled and valuable. The most important, don't care about the world, because we are doing it for ourselves. For ourselves, no for strangers and for what people will say. It's necessary to believe yourself and your power. Don't care about this, what other people say about us, just fix our own purposes, and we will get by and be happy. Good luck :)

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