by - 10:03 PM

You know it? You know people who offend, abuse, humiliate, slate, do everything only in order to lead to tears, to break down, to destroy the self-assessment and the self-confidence? Yeah exactly, they do it for this only! For making someone feel worse! Only to destroy someone's sense of well-being! If only to bring someone's faith to the wreck in into own strength and the value! Because they're envious and deceitful people with the hurt, luxuriant ego, without own life, for which hate to other is the only food! Therefore mustn't undergo them! They're poking out for somebody, because can't say anything good about themselves! They'll hurl insults, because want to feel more appreciated! And as more this person will break down, the more they will be pleased! So head high up, breast ahead and for the attempt! Don't let them achieve their goal. We mustn't care with them, we have our value, so know it, appreciate and not let debase ourselves. We are strong, so use it and be bulletproof. We can afford it. Such parasites want our tears, so let's give them a broad smile which will be the biggest punishment which exists for them. It will burn such a hole in their ego, like in vampires the sun ;)

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