Step by step.

by - 10:59 PM

Since I remember, I've been a type of the human with ambitions, with plans, putting ahead myself huge and only huge aims which at all costs tried to reach. But you know what? Now I made aware that this is not this way. I realized that it's not only about it, not only to see this, what's far. I found motivation in even these most trivial details, the most trivial successes, in the smallest achievements which I even didn't notice before, completely not  appreciate it. And now? Now even a silly, nothing-meaning St Andrew's Eve prophecy, the ordinary play is able to give me a motivation and the positive energy to action, and such a thought twinkling somewhere deep inside "And maybe, maybe it will just be better and I'll get by?". Every consecutive survived day, every next well-done task, every next discovery, every next step forward give me strength. Give me motivation, in order to by getting little goals, make my way to the Mount Everest of life. I got up. And I'm acting, working, in order to achieve what I want. And in opposition to my previous attitude - now I don't even suppose the option like "no", don't  accept something like that, as "may not". Because it will be. It must be. Because I want it, I'm aspiring to it, believe in it, it's my purpose and I will reach it. Even and through tears, but I'll achieve. Because after all nobody said it's supposed to be easy. Important that it's effectively and finished with the success. And it will be, I hold on to it. There are no longer impossibles. No longer.

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