Can't be afraid of the dark...

by - 7:26 PM

Sometimes, nothing is as you want it to be, everything is like in the worst nightmare. In nothing you can see the sense, a willingness to life is disappearing, you're losing hope, you are fed up with everything and everyone, even you are starting thinking if not better would be, if you weren't, everything what you love, what you care about, suddenly is dissolving into thin air, and inexpressible sadness and depressive feelings are seizing you... Script most probably well-known to the majority, happens in the life of everyone, sooner or later, irrespective of the age... I also know it, ow I know and what's more how well, even I'm not able to come back to it, I can't... But damn it, yeah! Even though it's very hard, it's necessary to get up, it isn't easy, but it's necessary, it's necessary to fight and to find motivation anew, or else it's simple way to depression... As somebody at one time said it, after the storm a sun always comes out, so there is hope also for us, sometimes bottom, sometimes top, but unfortunately, such already it is. There is no life without fears, there's no smoke without fire, there is no day without the night, there's no brightness without darkness. Therefore we cannot be afraid. We cannot be afraid of this, what dark. We have to find the spark and lighten everything anew. Anew to find hope, the faith and power. Even though there is no lightly, I know. I know as far as too well. But after the night a new, bright day comes, and our dreams are its power.

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