Just ask your soul.

by - 10:09 PM

Life. Problems. Dilemmas. Often they seem impossible to solve. They are making vertigo, leading to tears. And how to find the way out of the situation, which won't cause that we will be on the edge of the nervous breakdown... Yeah, how? You don't know what to do, what to think, you ask acquaintances, family, friends... Everyone is saying something else, everyone would like to convince you to one's own opinion, but you... You are on the brink, you feel, that something's wrong, that it isn't this, that something doesn't work, is wrong here... Familiar, right? But how to get out...? However maybe instead of seeking advice of everyone around better is to listen intently to oneself, listen to the intuition, to ask of own heart... Often it's the best adviser, not a mind, not people... Heart. So dear man, don't make your life harder. Follow its voice, and you will find your happiness... Because this is your life, your chance, your hopes, your dreams, your love, your joy, your fulfilment, your future. Not someone's. Listen to yourself, of your internal voice. Yours heart. It will always tell you the truth. It knows you best. Not people. You know best what you feel, what really you want, to what you aspire, about what you dream... Not people. Listen to yourself, listen to your soul, and you will find what you are searching for. Ask your heart, it will never cheat you...

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