Time. Memories. Memory.

by - 11:41 PM

Time... If it was only possible to move it back... Such a question at least once in a lifetime ask itself every of us... But whether it would give something? Whether it would relieve, brought luck, joy? Would it give anything? And also I wonder about the same issue. Yes, yes, you can see well, eyes aren't getting you mixed up - exactly I. If such a possibility existed, whether using it and moving back in the time for the appropriate, longed-for moment would be a better solution, before everything began, before the ups and downs of life decided for us... Up to the moment which preceded all next, which saved traces in our mind, perhaps beautiful traces, but for some reason we want to wipe them out from our memory, because thinking about them is too painful and is a tear-jerker like an onion, perhaps traces bad, wounding the  psyche, painful like a thousands of sabres and machetes, about which we want to forget regardless of everything, but we aren't able... Yes... The human memory is a miracle, one of the greatest miracles, however it's able also to be a malicious bitch and never won't let forget... Even if we've dreamt of it and prayed. It isn't possible. The brain remembered and the end. Until you are enjoying the health, you will remember. Maybe it is okay, maybe it is badly. So what? What's the case with this our memory, memories and turning back the time? It would be worthwhile doing it, whether rather no, hmm? Maybe rather no, hm? Perhaps however recalling, if they're beautiful, or if they're painful, unimportant that leading to extreme emotions it's  worthwhile keeping forever and treating them as something what was given for us, what makes us good persons, lets sober up, more cautiously, more cautiously to look ahead to the future and to build it best how we can do this... In the end nobody will get our memories and the knowledge back, true? It's treasure which we will carry in ourselves through the entire life and one from few, and maybe even an only thing which we will take to the grave. Forever.

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