It's not...

by - 11:48 PM

People come... People leave... They appear and disappear... The majority thinks, that telling to somebody "Goodbye, I don't wanna know you" definitively is breaking relation with this person, definitively is removing her (him) out from his (her) life, definitively is saying goodbye... So no loved, no ladies and gentlemen! It doesn't work this way. It's not! It's not goodbye...! One time you will meet... Perhaps of not the following day, perhaps not in next week, month, year... But you will meet. Don't be so confident, leaving don't say "Forever". You aren't dying yet, and life makes different pranks and really you can be surprised, if years later once again a person turns up in it, about which a long time ago "you forgot" which you told "Goodbye"... Mountain with mountain won't meet, but man with the man always. Because life unexpectedly can get to one way, to mix chics, to connect paths, to wreathe fates again, without warning, asking, insisting... And to topple everything over upside down. It's not goodbye.

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