Where is the justice?

by - 7:22 PM

If this way to think... Where's the justice in this world? Why is it like one person can't show off neither the intelligence, nor the wisdom, but has talent, so automatically also the respect, the glory and the plenty other benefits practically for free? For no particular reason, for waving the finger. Doesn't need to has education, won't work hard, and has everything. Simply miracle, honey, raspberry. Meanwhile somebody 'normal' who isn't 'chosen' one through the entire life must fight for survival, to sweat one's guts out, at first for years at the more and more difficult school, next for the rest of life in the frequently tiring work, but so and so often isn't reaching it, what more than one above average talented 'feather-brain'. It's not fair. To study, to acquire the knowledge, to try, but... People still don't appreciate it. Because for what. This is a justice. Haha, at least normal will get to know normal, cool people, for what stars rather can't to count :)

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