Surprises & New Beginnings

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It has been two long years since my last blog post, and I must admit, life has taken me on an incredible roller coaster ride. I find myself pondering if you, my dear readers, are ready to uncover the mysteries of my life. So, without further ado, let me entice your curious minds with a series of intriguing questions. Did I really move from Antalya, Turkey to Dubai? Did Emirates beckon me back as a flight attendant? Did my journey with Emirates reveal a side I hadn't expected? And most importantly, did I eventually leave Dubai and find myself in sunny California, USA? Prepare yourselves, my story holds many surprises.

A Reunion with Emirates?

Imagine my astonishment when Emirates, the airline I had previously served with, reached out to me again. A mix of emotions flooded over me as I contemplated the opportunity to return to the commercial flying I loved so much. But did Emirates show its true colors, making me feel disgusted, shocked and forcing me to make a difficult decision? Stay tuned for the revelations that lie ahead - and believe me there will be a huge exposure, so hold your breath and wait for it, especially if you're a fan of this airline and dream of joining. But well, you better think twice before reading my next posts, otherwise your pink glitter glasses will fall and crash hard.

A Transcontinental Leap

Leaving Dubai behind, I embarked on a new adventure across the vast Atlantic Ocean. California, the land of dreams, beckoned me with its promises of endless possibilities. Did I find my place in the Golden State? And did fate have a different path in store for me?

From the Airline Flight Attendant to the American Army

As fate would have it, an unexpected offer came knocking at my door. The American Army, an entirely different world from my previous airline and VIP jet experiences, presented me with a life-altering proposition. Did I have the courage to accept this thrilling opportunity? And if so, how did it transform my perspective on life?

Love in the Air

Amidst the whirlwind of change, love found its way into my life. But the details of where and how our paths crossed shall remain a tantalizing secret. Did my boyfriend propose, sealing our connection in a vow of eternal love? And if so, did we embark on a joyous journey down the aisle? - hint hint, it's the most twisted and magical part.

New Chapter Begins

As the chapters of my life continued to unfold, a thrilling twist awaited me. Could it be possible that a new life is growing inside me? Did the pitter-patter of tiny feet become the soundtrack of my soon-daily existence? Shhhh... The answer lies ahead, waiting to be revealed.

That's the long story of the past two years of my absence here closed in a few words. Be ready for a lot of surprises coming in the next posts as the story will unfold with juicy details.


My dear readers, my life has taken unexpected turns, leading me to places I never imagined. As my previous employer sought control over my writing, I found solace in keeping the intriguing details of my journey hidden away. But fear not, for the wait is almost over. Join me as I open the doors to my blog once again and share the extraordinary experiences that have shaped my life. Brace yourselves, for the tale that awaits is one that will captivate and inspire. Stay tuned, for the best is yet to come.

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