Best friends to strangers

by - 11:55 PM

You know guys, I had some good friends. Some even like best friends, close like a part of the family. We had thousands of things to talk about and never enough... And one day I just "woke up" and felt like... We are total strangers, not friends or besties anymore.

Looking at them and trying to understand what really happened that our conversations started to be more out of kindness, good manner than genuine will and vibe. Because there was no vibe anymore. I started to try to figure out what changed, that I don't feel it anymore and more and more talking to these people fills me with nonsense and irritation, sometimes even embarrassment than joy and power I felt before, for years interacting with them in any way.

I feel like there is nothing to talk, totally different point of view, different life perspective, totally different levels and even more different stage of personality growth. Sometimes I look at them and ask myself, how? I'm trying to understand, I'm trying to adjust, but I can't. can't adjust to lower level of life advancement. I can't adjust to easy life approach. I can't adjust to "whatever, I can't change anything" attitude.

Maybe it's because of all my experience, my worldwide living, many heavy to carry but also extremely enriching and mind-broadening experiences, I can't feel well around people who just got stuck with their "early twenties" level, living without thinking about tomorrow, their comfort zones, with people who don't empower me, don't fill my mind anymore...

Because I aspire to get higher & higher and inspire, and that's never changing that I wanna get all what's challenging. Never settling for less. 

Of course I still like them but conversations are so faded, so enforced, without the vibe that used to be there... Sometimes just like talking to someone ten years younger than me.

They think that my life stage, my life experience is science fiction, and I wonder "How can you be so childish, what the eff did I see in you as my friend?". 

And the circle is closed.

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