Celebrate your life

by - 9:13 PM

Problems, bad news, uncertain situation, quarrels, breakups, disease, work, money... These are just a few points from a long list of things that can effectively mess thoughts up and destroy a good mood, and above all are the perfect partners in crime of the silent killer - stress. Stress, from which it's difficult to escape, it's actually impossible, but you can always reduce it. Are you good at this or you hardly survive the storm? 

What I write here can be very surprising for some people, but it is painfully real. 
Everyone in everyday life encounters a lot of stressful events and situations, but not everyone responds well to these stimuli. Most people usually become a nervous wreck when exposed to adverse conditions, although many don't want to admit it, even to themselves. Even for themselves, and above all for the environment, they put on a tough guy's mask that hides a storm inside and worries about everything around. You, dear reader, probably know pretty well what I am writing about, because you have certainly experienced it yourself or are currently experiencing it. Needle for needle and man becomes a bristling ticking bomb that must one day explode, leading to destruction outside, or what worse - inside. 

I'm writing about it for one important reason, which (especially in the current situation, which is not easy for anyone), you must remember and never forget. 
I was also a masked doll who's been carefully hiding everything she felt, everything that exhausted my mind. For people, a grin from ear to ear, and inside I was devoured by stress, fear, one big mess. For people, everything perfect, and in real crying in secret, so that nobody notices, just so nobody knows that something bad is going on. Yes, yes, exactly. This is the most real side of me. The same person who was basically empowered by stress at work and coped even with dancing on a knife blade, in private life was not so light and stress-free. 
Until the moment that opened my eyes and realized a very important thing. Until the moment when only a few weeks ago I was one step close to losing my life, until I thought it was over and all good memories passed through my mind like a movie, and all I could hear was just silence. 
This event changed my thinking totally. And going ahead of your wrong conclusions - no, it had nothing to do with the corona pandemic. Since then, smaller and larger problems, blurred perspectives, ambitious plans constantly moving away, everyday turbulence and occasional bombing, or situations similar to walking on a minefield, or not necessarily cheerful currently reality, have stopped to be so important as before. 
I stopped fighting my thoughts, stopped stressing about what I couldn't change, stopped worrying and thinking about things that took a smile off my face and things that simply - blocked and burned me from the inside, and I began to see two times more of what was good, even in these darkest moments, and above all - enjoy every moment I have. 
Someone who has known me for a long time will say that I've always been like this, an incurable optimist who even sees gold in coal, so nothing new. Yes, maybe no big change, but it is great, because you can believe me or not - not everything was as it seemed, and being a person last-minute saved from death, you begin to look at life from a completely different perspective and feel gratitude for every breath. It all made me realize that there was still a lot of pessimism in me that I didn't see, or rather ignored, because it didn't hurt my eyes like it does now. 
That's why you and all those who are also stressed too much and can easily be maneuvered into darkness, rethink every negative news a hundred times and are afraid of what will happen tomorrow, feel uncertain, both during a pandemic and when the better days come and it will be over, in everyday life and at work - I advise you to focus only on what gives strength, pleasure, a sense of fulfillment, progress, happiness... And value every second, enjoy every breath, show love to the people you love, take on challenges, do what you lacked courage before and enjoy life because you never know when you may lose it, so appreciate it because you only have one. Enjoy, love, smile as much as possible and be happy, and put stress and other negative things aside. Sounds trivial, but it can change a lot.

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