Her Smile

by - 9:20 PM

A few words about some rules, simple and known to everyone... Everyone except passengers. 

It would seem that there is nothing simpler, clearer and basic, but with each day of my work I'm convinced that this is one of the most difficult concepts that many travelers have to face... 

I don't know whether it's more funny or sad to write about this nowadays in such a modern world, when it would seem, people are intelligent and can think logically, and above all mature, but well... However, some obvious obviousness needs to be reminded. 

Stewardess smile - just because she smiles doesn't mean she is happy. 
Doesn't mean she wants to jump for joy.
 Doesn't mean she's full of energy. 
It doesn't mean that she is not tired. 
Doesn't mean she feels good. 
It doesn't mean that everything is fine. 
It doesn't mean that she has no worries. 
It doesn't mean that nothing hurts her. 
Doesn't mean she doesn't miss anyone. 

And definitely, dear gentlemen, the fact that she is smiling at you doesn't mean that she is interested in you, flirts and you can afford her dirty texts or break bodily integrity, because no, damn it - you can't. 
Just because a woman works on a plane doesn't mean she is single and someone who loves her is not waiting for her at home. It doesn't mean that she is lonely and immoral offers can be made to her. So take your hand and have some respect, gentlemen. A bit of respect. 

And to the rest, also to the dear ladies who carry their heads so high that they could pierce the ceiling with it and consider themselves the navel of the world. The fact that a flight attendant smiles at you doesn't mean that she likes you and doesn't mean that she will run after you like a service dog, because your arrogant behavior may well trigger her killer instinct, and yet - still, out of courtesy will smile at you. Don't think that you are princesses who can treat cabin crew as rubbish and servants, because you cannot. It would be good to learn some good manners and respect, though a little bit, because it's a big shame when adults can't behave. 

Ah and remember one more thing: She will smile at you even if from the inside wants to break up into a million pieces, cry or curl out of pain, and basic manners and words such as "please", "thank you", "I'm sorry", don't hurt and they won't kill you at all , so you should finally learn to use them. 

Remember, that your behavior and lack of respect speaks out about your lack of good manners and won't destroy flight attendant's honor.

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