Barcelona over London.

by - 11:56 AM

London. A big, cosmopolitan city, a total mix of cultures and nationalities, a language that everyone knows, good work and the opportunity to blend in with the crowd. 

Barcelona. The colorful, lively capital of Catalonia, the center of Spanish tourism, the pulsating atmosphere, filled with hot blood and fiery temperament, a city of artists and colorful souls, surrounded by hot sands of beaches. 

So why did I set a new beginning and instead of London, I chose Barcelona? What made me decide to give up places where I was assured a job at British national airlines, where communication with others, although in a foreign country, was easier than anywhere else, because who doesn't know English nowadays and the country where English is the official language? A dream come true! Are you sure? For me it was not as perfect as it seemed at first and also seemed so to me. Despite the first good impression, London isn't my city, not my climate, not my atmosphere. Frequent rain, fog, cold, often not only in weather... Huge crowding, and above all, prices so big that it can reach the cosmic space. 

What about Barcelona? Why Barcelona? And what about Venice, was there also Venice before Barcelona? There was London, there was move to Venice, but well, Barcelona is an absolute winner in all respects. 
Despite the fact that Barcelona itself has already had several independent posts, where it was written, among others, why for me it's the perfect city and that I also came here by working at airlines, it is also worth comparing it to the capital of Great Britain. Is the difference between the two big? It is large and felt at every turn. In Barcelona it's much more pleasant, more hospitable, light and definitely much cheaper. But most importantly, the Spanish mentality is completely different from the British one, much more open and temperament, which is consistent with my own personality, what is why I feel so much better in such a place. 
And with a grain of salt, who would like to spend their lives in the rain, in the fog, under grey clouds, when we could bathe in the sun and soak up full strength all year round?

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