Airline Mobbing.

by - 11:44 PM

Is the work of the flight attendant mentally exhausting? 
Is it true that there is a lot of pressure from other employees? 
Is the hostility of other flight attendants common? 

I have heard these questions more than once and I will probably hear more than once. That is why I decided to refer to this, because most often people asking about this are interested in the phenomenon of mobbing in airlines. So, is it or isn't it? 

I have already worked in several lines, so I can say that I have a smaller or bigger comparison between them, even in this matter. In general, I strongly deny that such practices are everyday routine in this work and usually the crews work together and respect each other, instead of terrorizing each other, so the picture of bad stewardess attacking colleagues is definitely a caricature inconsistent with reality. However, unfortunately, it's not perfect, although all the time since I started flying, it was rather calm and pleasant, in one of my previous airlines I had unpleasantness to encounter behavior that could surely be classified as mobbing, so... Just so it wasn't too boring and idyllic, one person eagerly insulted, offended and humiliated other crew members, even in front of passengers, feeling completely unpunished (and they were). And to add spice, there was also blackmail and threats against other flight attendants. I experienced this, my colleagues experienced it, some gave up themselves, some lost their jobs because of their sabotage and neverending accusations. 
Fortunately, I have left work in the airline where such situations have happened long time ago, and I've not met mobbing in person or heard any of my colleagues encounter such annoyances. The comforting fact is that these kind of situations are very rare and usually in airlines where the value system is simply unstable. Happily, most airlines respect both their employees as well as employees respect each other, the atmosphere is good and nothing bad is happening, and if any disruptive behavior occurs, it's definitely not ignored.

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