Always flows out...

by - 9:27 PM

Whether it's also making you laugh, when somebody obviously whirls, lies, invents, creates fiction and generally speaking builds entire fake reality, which doesn't have anything in common with the truth, but not for all the world wants to admit to it, even when everyone around already knows, how are the matters, and this person still is continuing these pitiful stories? And that's not all, the stupidity of this man is so advanced that as well is "digging holes under somebody", doing everything in order to harm this person, to destroy her or him, and is doing it in the so nasty and funny way simultaneously, thinking that can do whatever only wants, and the truth will never come to light and the clown will be safe and sound. Ill, pitiful, embarrassing. I can't describe it differently. But well, in all circumstances the consequence will be inevitable, also greetings for people without life which would like to become famous, thinking incredible stories up and harming other, I have an unpleasant message for you: the truth always comes to light.

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