Valentines, that is 50 shades of love.

by - 11:43 AM

Valentines. Love, love everywhere. Plenty of hearts, red, pink, cute little bears, roses, balloons, pillows, candles, small mugs and with the whole of the plenty of this endless commercial, love spam, filling in our eyes, shops, TV sets, minds and everything what's possible. From one side the kitsch and the lever of the trade, because after all that's the honest truth, that if we love, then love through the entire year, not only this one day in the year, but from the other hand, how many joy can cause getting such a nice surprise from the beloved person, right? Hm, if you are this happy fortune's chosen and you love somebody with the reciprocity, and best you are in a relationship, then congratulations, you have paradise on earth not only on valentines. However what, if this time the fate wasn't on your side and you have to still wait for butterflies in the belly and fulfilled love, or else what is worse you have hard time, healing the broken heart after leave? Or what in an accident, if you are a victim in talons of the person unhappily in love with you, which doesn't understand the word "no", don't accept the thought about the rejection, is poisoning you and doesn't let you get your own happiness, or you're suffocating in the nasty relationship with the wrong person? I know that it can now sound strangely, but... Don't worry! Chin up! It can happen to everyone, however in the end your life will change, you will experience a smile of fortune and you'll fly with joy, you'll see! Even if now you are stuck in an amorous grey zone, or even something stopped you in the blackspot, don't break down! Isn't it worthwhile to overcome problems as the lesson and wait for this only, special person which will truly love you and which you will love? So it's well, or badly, that's always necessary to know, that every cloud has a silver lining, I know what I say, you can believe me  

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