Eighteen years passed...

by - 12:17 PM

Yes, exactly. Thirteenth of February 2017. Eighteen years of my life passed. Shock, strange feeling, joy, happiness, anxiety and a bit of the positive nostalgia in one. Eighteen years in the memory, like the few minutes film, and for some memories tears of the emotion are flowing into eyes along with the laughter full of happiness. Yes, I'm happy and I know that it will be better and better. I became officially adult, so much waiting and finally this day came. This day, something changed very much in me. I found something. I believed. I believed I can, that I can fight, to have what I want, to make my dreams come true, to achieve the complete happiness, to walk straight ahead, to spread my wings. Because I am worth it, I'm able and I deserve it. I looked back and I saw, what a human with small faith I was, what unbeliever, hidden and unsure of myself. How many walls around myself I built. How much sadness I've been holding in myself. When I wanted something, I dreamt of something, I stewed it in myself, because "after all it won't fulfil". And now? Never! Now I'm sure that my dreams are close, that soon everything will change. When I think about my wishes, I know that they will come, I know, because I believe, I no longer live with fear, doubt, but joy, power, faith, belief and certainty. I know that this year something amazing will happen. This year will be a beginning of new, better life, dreams coming true and happiness. I feel it. I'm sure about it. New phase, new me. Happy me.

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