Fools' mother.

by - 11:41 PM

They are saying that hope die last, however whether in order to certainly? Whether it's  disappearing  first, and is dragging behind itself the all that mob straight towards the total disaster? So in the end is it? After all in really many cases, even when something is having a chance of the development perhaps even verging on the miraculous, but still a development, in the mind is speaking something what's blocking the faith in it, is killing hope for the successful end... Facts and surrounding reality also aren't 'optimists' in this respect, straight out are acting mercilessly and ruthlessly as smelling salts. As far as are screaming: 'Wake up! Wake up! Stop being living in a fool's paradise! '. Because how is it possible blindly to look into something imaginary, since the facts speak for themselves? Somebody at one time said, that hope is the mother of fools... Perhaps there must be something in it, hmm? From one side, if you are living in hope, you live in the lie, in the world of imagination, you believe in something what can happen, perhaps not (better to establish, that not - smaller disappointment after confronting reality), you last practically in the state of the surrealism, with the head in clouds... On the other whereas it's motor, a kind of the driving force, motivation for action, the light at the end of the tunnel 'and maybe however I'll manage, it will be perhaps well, I will get' it's giving the better vision of the future, and consequently is making feel better. Only then what? Painful fall to the ground, crying and wings broken up, or endless euphoria? Options are two however most often independent of us alone... And what when the life will cause that we'll lose hope at the very beginning? It contrary to appearances is happening not at all rarely, really. Then a chain reaction is beginning.  Everything is bashing, one too second, what earlier had at least a minimal meaning, now is stopping have it, the entire joy, willingness of the fight about better is simply disappearing. A simple way to the disaster. The fact that the once destroyed, lost faith most often won't can be already rebuilt is worst... To sum up options are three: to be living in a fool's paradise, to delete everything from the start, or... To be living in a fool's paradise. The fate is toying with us like with the doll, and we are pleased like an idiot.

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