by - 12:20 PM

I wanted to write it earlier, but well, this way it left, it wasn't when.
So... A few days ago was my 17th birthday and different thoughts, a great willingness to changes invaded me and something what fill my head for a long time, that's... Yeah just. Whether only I'm under the impression that some persons appear only when they expect something, need, or simply want to remind about themselves, that by chance somebody not to forget about them, or (oh no!) didn't delete, because what would it be, right? Real disaster after all! However disappearing, when are needed and we want them to be? Hahaha yes, it's rather obvious, that everyone knows such people. Problem in it, that... For what to pay attention to them, since not quite that they alone from themselves are practising the policy 'I'm appearing and disappearing', are funny in their stupidity. Gather information, and then 'hating'. Real ninja normally. Yes, yes. Total cabbage heads. Therefore I stated, that the highest time, if not entirely to eliminate (what definitely would deduct the considerable dose of the great fun), at least to limit their access to my life. Simply to clean it with... Let us name it nicely - vermin... Or no, clowns, this name fits definitely more. People, really, it isn't worthwhile, you aren't so super like you think, you're wasting time, and amusing else. Forgive, but we don't live in the circus.

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