✨ My 2023 RECAP ✨

by - 1:10 AM

 2023, ah 2023... 

It was one of the most awesome, exciting but also challenging and scary years of my life. This year, my whole life changed, upgraded and almost ended way too early but I made it, fought hard enough to still be here and ready for better days coming. I've been shown what truest and purest love is by the most amazing man of the universe and became his wife (even though by the end of 2022 I was confident as hell that I'll never get married and never have kids, oh well...), understood that I was not too difficult to love, just surrounded by wrong people, dropped everything and moved to California, United States, started a new career working for the US Army, undergone the most intense, the most detailed medical, survival and aviation training I could have imagined, got type rating for another five different aircraft types, decided to upgrade my knowledge and qualifications, enrolled additional studies and graduating soon, managed to finally after years spend more than a few days in my beloved homeland called Greece, met lots of great people and made unexpected, so meaningful friendships, and understood that some of the people I used to call friends belong far far out of my life. I got the offer to join the Presidential Fleet and fly for the President of Guinea but I chose to stay instead and was honored to travel with some of the most important personalities of the US, to visit the White House and Pentagon unlimited number of times, operated countless flights across the US and New York became my second home. 2023 was a year of daily beach time, surfing, skating and gymming my ass off to the edge... This year I survived a hurricane, earthquake, a very serious accident which made my lungs forget how to breathe, won a fight with a tumor that was growing in my body, bought a house and healed from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that I struggled with since my time with evil from darkest hell called Emirates. Also, I managed to find the courage to spread awareness around the world and speak up about my experience and reveal the real face of Emirates, making many people stand against this airline and its horrific actions. I keep spreading my wings in aviation, motivating and helping wannabees and my cabin crew coaching group will in a few days hit 12000 people, it somehow gives me goosebumps how far it all reached. Love, growth, healing, succeeding, surviving. I made it, I won the most harsh battles in secret, smiling at everyone around. 2023, thank you. 2024 I'm ready. 

Happy New Year! 🫧💗


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