The Survivor

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 Welcome back!

I'm writing to you today with a heavy heart, a heart that has been bruised and battered, a heart that has been pushed to its limits and yet, has somehow found the strength to keep beating. I'm writing to you today to share my story, my truth, and my journey as a former Emirates flight attendant, now luckily living and flying from California, USA.

If you've been following my blog, you know that I've been sharing my experiences about working for Emirates. You've read about the bullying, the physical abuse, and the toll it took on my mental health. You've read about the heart neurosis, the PTSD, and the countless other health problems I've had to endure. You've read about the trauma. 

Unfortunately, in between of my last article and today's post, I sadly found out that one of my friends tried to suicide in her cabin crew accommodation in Dubai... I think no additional comment needed here... So I suppose you can imagine how I feel now again, right?

Today, I want to say a heartfelt thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who have read my posts, who have reached out with words of support, who have stood up against the company's behavior, and who have shared your own stories of horror hidden behind the Emirates uniform. Thank you for hundreds of messages and comments standing by my side and sharing your battles. Your words, your stories, your strength have been a balm for my heart. 

Also, I am humbled and moved by the number of Qatar Airways crew members who have also come forward, who texted me to share their own experiences. I am grateful to those who have thanked me for speaking out and making them realize what's going on, that my posts have made them reconsider their dream of working for Emirates, saving them from potential suffering and mental terror. 

I'm happy to read your comments and messages that seeing me share my story made you feel less alone, more united, and stronger. You are not alone. You are not bad. You are not weak. You are a hero. We are heroes. We are survivors.

Now, let me show you something. In addition to this article I've posted a collage of three pictures of myself, each one revealing the truth behind the perfect Emirates flight attendant image that everyone saw on social media.

The first picture was taken a year ago in the Emirates crew bus. I was trying to hide how I felt, swallowing my tears in silence on the way back home from a flight.

The second picture was taken in my cabin crew accommodation. I was too overwhelmed to pretend that I was okay. I was crying, feeling helpless, seeing no sense of life. Yet, I had to put on my uniform and the mask of a happy flight attendant, smiling as if everything was perfectly fine. This became my daily routine, my daily struggle.

The third picture is the one (and one of many) you've all seen on social media. The picture of me seemingly the happiest person in the world. But, as you now know, not everything is as it seems. Social media can be deceptive, and even the biggest smile can be just a mask to cover a deep, internal pain.

I want to remind you all to stay strong, to stay healthy, and to never give up on yourself. You are worth more than any job, any company, any uniform. You are worth more than the abuse and the trauma. You are worth more than the tears and the pain. You are worth more than the mask you wear to hide your suffering. 

Burn, Emirates. Burn for the pain you've caused, for the lives you've ruined, for the dreams you've shattered. Burn for the truth that is now being revealed all around the world, coming from hundreds of hurt by you cabin crew, on every social media channel, for the stories breaking hearts. Burn for the justice that is long overdue.

With all my heart,


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