Emirates & Suicides

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Today as I promised in the last post, I'll bring to the daylight one very important subject. The suicides within the airline. Shocking, sad but real.

Over the years, there have been numerous instances of suicides and suicide attempts among the Emirates cabin crew. These tragic events have largely been kept under wraps, hidden from the public eye, and shrouded in secrecy. The company has been quick to silence any discussion of these incidents, with the threat of immediate termination hanging over the heads of those who dare to speak out.

Every now and then, a story would leak out, making its way into the press. But for the most part, these tragic incidents remained hidden within the confines of the airline. I remember my younger, naive self, reading about these incidents and dismissing them as personal issues, unrelated to the job. I defended the company vehemently like a lioness, convinced that these were isolated incidents, unrelated to the work environment at Emirates.

But as I delved deeper into the inner workings of the airline, I was confronted with a harsh reality. The suicides were not isolated incidents. They were not the result of personal issues. They were, in fact, a direct result of the unbearable work conditions at EK.

Take, for instance, the case of a female supervisor who took her own life by jumping from an aircraft while it was abroad. She chose to do it outside of Dubai, in an attempt to draw the public attention to her plight, knowing that if she did it in Dubai, her death would be swept under the rug, as if it never happened. She had no personal issues, but she was constantly vocal about her suffering at work.

Then there was the flight attendant who attempted suicide at the airline's headquarters in Dubai. He was saved in the nick of time and rushed to the hospital. His cries for help, his pleas that the company was killing him, fell on deaf ears.

These are just two of the many heartbreaking stories that have emerged from the shadows of Emirates. Stories of individuals pushed to the brink, with no support from the company they dedicated their lives to. Stories of individuals who, in their darkest moments, felt they had no other option. 

I don't wanna point out every single one as it's too heavy and sad to know that more people took their lives for example in their crew accommodation etc... However it's important to know and not forget about them.

It's a chilling reality that if you're struggling, if you're showing signs of depression or suicidal thoughts, you can't expect any help from the company. In fact, you can expect the opposite. If you reach out to the "anonymous" hotline or the peer support organization, you're more likely to find yourself out of a job than to receive the help you desperately need.

It's heartbreaking to think about those who have lost their lives, and those who loved them. It's hard to comprehend why, knowing the immense suffering they were enduring, they didn't leave the job sooner. But perhaps that's a testament to the immense pressure and fear that the company instills in its employees.

This job, this prestigious, glamorous job, is not worth losing your health or your life over. Yet, tragically, some flight attendants have become fatal victims of the mentally draining atmosphere at Emirates. To those who have lost their lives, may you rest in peace. 

To those who are still working at Emirates, I urge you to take care of yourselves. Please, take breaks when you need them. Don't be afraid to say no to breaking your boundaries. And most importantly, please, take care of your mental health. If you are feeling overwhelmed, please seek help. There are many resources available to you, our of the airline.

Stay safe!

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