Eight Years, Words, and Wings

by - 7:48 PM

Today, the calendar marks a significant spot, one that's close and dear to my heart. It's the 8th of August 2023, the eighth anniversary of this blog's inception! Eight years ago, a young, inexperienced, and somewhat unsure version of myself embarked on a journey. A journey that was as uncertain and volatile as the waves of the sea surrounding the tiny Greek Island I called home. A journey that, to my surprise and delight, would span eight years and reach across the globe, touching countless hearts and minds. Yes, it's been eight years since I pressed 'publish' on my very first blog post.

On that fateful day, I was a teenager, barely out of school, with a heart full of dreams and a head bursting with thoughts. I remember sitting on a rock, the gentle sea breeze ruffling my dress, the salty air filling my lungs, and the endless expanse of the ocean stretching out before me. It was a moment of tranquility, of solitude, of introspection. And it was in that moment, under the soft glow of the setting sun, I decided to create something that was my own, something that would reflect my thoughts, my experiences, my emotions. 

There was a certain shyness, a certain apprehensiveness, and yes, a certain shame. Who was I to think that I could write? Who would want to read my musings? But the desire to share, to connect, to reach out was stronger than my doubts. And so, I started to write. I wrote about my life, my dreams, my fears, my hopes, my disappointments, my triumphs. I wrote about the island, its beauty, its people, its culture. I wrote about the sea, the sky, the stars, the sand. I wrote about everything and anything that touched my heart and moved my soul.

And to my surprise, people started to read. People from different countries, different cultures, different walks of life. They read my words, resonated with my experiences, shared their own stories. They made me realize that we are all connected, in spite of our differences, in spite of the vast distances that separate us. They made me understand that no one is ever truly alone.

For six years, I wrote. I wrote before I became a flight attendant, I wrote being a flight attendant, I wrote in between of my flights, I wrote on layovers, even in the airplanes. Unfettered, unfiltered, undeterred. My blog became my sanctuary, my readers my companions, my words my wings. Then, life took a turn. I joined another, Dubai based airline that I thought was my dream, a job that promised adventure and excitement. But it also brought unimaginable restrictions. My freedom to write, to express, was curtailed. My blog, once a vibrant space filled with words and thoughts, became silent, became dead... 

But here I am, back where I belong, back to the world of words. The constraints are gone, and the passion, the desire to write, to share, to connect, is as strong as ever. I have stories to tell, experiences to share, thoughts to express. So, here's to a new beginning, a fresh start. 

Welcome back, dear readers! I'm here, free, happy, and ready to take flight once again. This is just the start of another exciting journey. Stay with me and enjoy the unfolding chapters of my life 

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