Antalya's burning.

by - 6:06 AM

Antalya - My area is burning 😭🔥

So guys, this is what's happening around me, what's happening in my city and area. These photos are real 🙈

Antalya is burning 🔥

Remember the time when I lived in Greece and fire started, also close to me. Small fire than later took thousands of lives. I couldn't sleep at night shaking what will be tomorrow, if things could get even worse, if me and my people will be alive 💔

Now, a few years later, I live in Turkey and the story comes back like a boomerang. Fire around me again. Bringing back all the scary memories from the deadly time in Greece. 😨

I don't have words and hope this wildfire will be gone soon without taking more lives... 😔

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