Flight Attendant's Day 2021

by - 12:02 AM

This year's Internetional Flight Attendant's Day was another one, another one so different for me.

The last one, I spent being hired by my dream airline, but grounded, heartbroken and crying over my wings forbidden to fly because of deadly coronavirus pandemic. 

Today, I spent my special day at work. Flying the world but from the totally different perspective. Surfing over the clouds on board the private jet, doing my best to be the best VIP flight attendant in the world.

I spent this Flight Attendant's day kilometers above the ground, enjoying and being grateful but my heart was and still is with other cabin crew around the world, who didn't manage to come back to aviation or still struggle being grounded and waiting to get their chance and return to the sky. I'm sympathizing with those who dream to be back but also feeling so happy for all of my colleagues who celebrate getting their wings again after a year or even two years of painful break. I'm with you guys, wherever you are and whatever you do, better days are on the way.

Happy International Flight Attendants Day, my dear crew around the globe! You are strong and the best even if your wings temporarily rest! ✈

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