Women's Power

by - 12:22 PM

Happy Women's Day to all of us girls! 💜

Today's post will not be too long, I won't write much, I'll leave here just a few words that are worth remembering and going through life with them, and it will certainly be more pleasant and mentally much easier.

Here's a little bit of women's happiness in a nutshell:

Let us believe in ourselves, be grateful for every new day, for every new experience and for each lesson, even the painful one, that strengthens us and makes us better and stronger mentally.

Let's not worry about other people's opinions about ourselves, which are usually worth as much as the statement that dark chocolate is better than white and does not mean the truth about us.

Let's not take every malice personally, and laugh in the face of our haters.

Let's be happy and smile, it works on our enemies like holy water on a vampire.

Let's not listen to the empty and meaningless talks in the series "It's not proper for a woman to...", because yes, it is proper.

Instead of gossiping, plotting and harming each other, let's support each other, because a strong woman is the one who supports other women and does not desire to destroy them.

Let's be positive and share the joy, who knows whose life we ​​can change.

Let's not cry for the guys who disappeared, cheated, hurt... There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Let's not be ashamed of our body and let us love it, because it is our only true home.

Let's dare to speak out loud about our feelings, pain and weaknesses, everyone has them, it's okay.

Let's perceive all the colors, not only in black and white, because life is beautiful.

Let's be happy and conquer the world!

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