How it was in London

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After many requests of my readers, I decided to create a memoir about a short but very intense time when I had the opportunity and pleasure to live in the capital of the United Kingdom, where Big Ben towers and the Thames meanders silver, what means a city no other than London itself.
If you want to know my opinion on living in the center of the UK and you are curious what is left in my head, whether I miss it and would like to come back or not, I invite you to read more.

When my plane landed in the UK, I was welcomed by the downpour and the wind, which almost took my head off, turned my favorite umbrella into a broken skeleton, and a passing car gave me a shower from a street puddle. Not a big surprise, because Great Britain is famous for its misty and wet aura, and rainfall is not uncommon there, but getting wet to the skin on as hello was not the most pleasant option, I expected a bit more favorable weather. Honestly, I was even a little scared, because what if "how the beginning (or actually the first moments), such a whole"? Could my whole stay on English soil be one big failure that even heaven will cry over in despair?

Luckily, it didn't happen that way, and a not very interesting beginning didn't mean a bad continuation at all, but let's say it one by one.

At the beginning, I admit, it was hard. It's hard to adapt, to get used to the climate, which I'm not a fan of, because I belong to people who love heat, and the warmer the better, as long as the beach is nearby, and quite a cool, humid and windy climate is not what I feel best physically and mentally. I used to love water droplets falling from the sky, now the only thing left of this love is the admiration of the fog, which by the way I really like taking pictures of (adds a lot of artistic magic, I recommend it!), Maybe I will even use one of them for future blog posts. And here... Not only is there no beach, there is a long way to the sea (by the way I recommend Brighton, a great relaxation base for people living in London who feel best surrounded by sand and waves hitting the shore), but also the temperature about much lower than what corresponds to thermophile, rainy mornings, showers from the sky without any warning and icy (in my opinion) evenings... Sorry, this is our climate, but not mine, unfortunately.

Due to the fact that we have such a climate, or rather they have a climate, my compatibility with the British and all local people who have lived in the area for a long time, left a lot to be desired. I am dressed from head to toe, they are in sweaters or short sleeves. They are wearing light jackets, I am wearing a coat, buttoned up to the neck. They are wearing light clothes and I am in a scarf. They are in sneakers, I am in boots. The only occasions when, despite the constant feeling of being cold, I shed my undersuits during photo sessions. Oh so, so much of my British blood. So you can certainly easily imagine the faces of locals seeing a teddybear on the street.

Luckily, my climate preferences are the only drastic difference between me and the British society.
It has been known for a long time that England is one great ethnic and cultural mix, which I had the opportunity to experience not only in everyday life, in shops and on the streets, but also at work. Such a configuration of "a little of everyone" is something that I really like and appreciate, also it's a huge plus, especially since London is a city most saturated with geographical vibrations and you can hear all languages ​​and dialects from around the world there. What is a great YES to me, because I simply love such multicultural atmosphere. Such a small sample of the entire globe in one place.

It is obvious, but perhaps not necessarily obvious to someone who doesn't live traveling, that the enormous advantage of living in England is the complete lack of language barriers. You don't have to worry that someone doese speak English, that someone won't understand what you are talking about. Not only that, as I mentioned above, people also speak many other languages, which allows not only to communicate freely and possibly help in the event of a lack of understanding, but also is a great opportunity to upgrade your language skills thanks to friendly relations with foreigners living in the area.

In the end, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't mention something that impressed me a lot. In the "airport zone", that is within a few kilometers from the big airport, there are... Free buses going every few minutes. In fact the free ride is only available on the route a few km from the airport, later you have to scan the public transport card, but it's still a great advantage. This is probably due to the mass of tourists who use public transport from the airport to reach nearby hotels, but local people also often use free travel. Imagine what a relief it is, to work at the airport and have free bus taking you to the terminal's door. Couldn't be any better!

There are still a lot of things that I liked and disliked, that made me smile and led to liimitless irritation and wondering how such things have the right to exist at all, but that's a different story and maybe I will mention it again sometime, but no longer in this post.

Generally... I liked London itself and the life there too. It was not bad, although I felt that I was still cold and certain things surprised me very much, I can say from a distance of time that it was good. I like this city, the atmosphere there, the infrastructure, and above all the communication / transport network, both above-ground and underground, which makes life easier and from every point of the city you can get to another in the blink of an eye, for what a big respect and hopefully more places in the world follow this path, because rather no one likes to have problems with moving, and the extensive metro and train network is a real relief from it.

So London is still one of my favorite places, I am happy to come back, but rather for quite short stays, trips because I prefer to stay permanently somewhere where there are... A bit warmer temperatures 😉

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