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As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently celebrated (really, every year there is a little special day on the calendar!) The fifth birthday of my blog, which is simply - five years since I stopped stifling my thoughts and complaining to the "pillow", and started to share my experience with those who, for various reasons, wanted to participate in the process of my spiritual metamorphosis, from a wounded girl to a loving herself adult woman.

Seeing how this time passed through my fingers, a kind of nostalgia caught me, I began to remember how it all was, how the e-evolution went, how from a shy girl, afraid to add even a Facebook profile picture, I became who I am now - a person who is not afraid of anything and helps others to make their dreams come true, and the internet is one of the main tools of it. And so, following this thought path, I asked myself a question that took my thoughts for a long moment: 

"Has the internet changed, have times changed, or have I become a different person?" 

There used to be Snapchat, weekly snap-groups of bloggers, where each girl had her day of the week and then she was telling the story of her day or showing, talking about something specific that their viewers wanted to hear about, what they wanted to see... 

Once upon a time, there were snaps of "single" bloggers, fully dedicated only to the subject of their blog, with tips, funny anecdotes, DIY shows, tutorials, quizzes, games, contests, or simply continuation of the topics discussed on the owner's blog. 

Once upon a time, Snapchat was a hit without which the day was a wasted day. I remember having my own profiles... Private profile, blog profile, when I was a member of a blogging group, where every week I spent a few hours in front of the camera being happy on "my day", telling stories, interesting facts about life abroad, and answering questions... And all this was watched by two thousand people each time. Theoretically, that's nothing special, but then, years ago, it was extra special! And the satisfaction that they were watching, that they reacted, that they were interested! And now? Now I don't even remember what a Snap is at all, and once in a moon year, when I find the app and log in to my account, I can see that most of the people I watched don't add anything anymore. I wanna watch something that brings back good memories of what I used to do with the girls and find group snaps of bloggers... But I can forget, because all those that just over two years ago hit popularity top have stopped to exist, and the new ones were not created anymore, because this trend has become a thing of the past... My blogging profile? For almost three years I haven't logged in there even once. Ah, what was part of every day and a source of entertainment no longer exists today. 

There used to be accounts on Instagram, Twitter dedicated to blogs, groups on Facebook, where life was vibing all the time, bloggers exchanged opinions, shared their new notes that appeared on Facebook forums at any time of the day or night. Happened all the time. These blogging communities were alive, group members made friends, planned and organized closed meetings of bloggers from a given region, writing about the same subject, to so many options to choose. It was colorful. I belonged to these groups and in these groups I made some valuable contacts that continue to the current time, despite the fact that years have passed since we exchanged the first "Hello" or rather we exchanged comments for the first time, because that was where it started. Today? These forums are frozen. They actually don't function. Hardly anyone is there, there are a few notes a day, maybe a week, maybe a month, there are no comments or conversations anymore, just a breath of coldness and nothingness, no reaction. I stopped following them, I stopped showing up, because people there are already living ghosts who only click copy-paste, without the slightest engagement. These groups are no longer alive. The old, laughing, various interactions are forgotten. And that's just a few years.

Once upon a time, anonymous portals reached the peak of popularity. Portals where people exchanged opinions, asked questions, answered, it was nice, you could meet cool people, laugh, learn something, or see the bottom of human stupidity, eat popcorn watching drama and sip cola while reading the scraps of gossipers... There was also an application where people sent each other anonymous notes, asked questions that could be answered via insta or snap, by publishing their answers on the online story... Those were the times, not so old, but already the Stone Age. 

Is it a different internet, different times, has it really happened, have I changed so much that this is how I perceive the above-described elements of my way through the web and social media travel, comparing the present with its beginning and seeing them as extinct? 

It's finally time for the quintessence and something that I regret to say but I don't understand. 

There used to be blogs. Lots of blogs. Valuable blogs. Bloggers were great people. And now? There are not. Even my "professional" friends have long since stopped writing because they didn't want to. The blogosphere is emptying, wasting away, texts of any value are rare, and what, unfortunately, is the most common? "Fashion" bloggers and girls pouring out the contents of their vanity case, or horror of horrors - "blogs" containing one sentence and the same, extremely low quality photos. What happened? Is it a lack of enthusiasm, or a desire to be more "trendy" and an escape to YouTube, or pure laziness and choosing the photo description on insta, instead of running a separate blog in the Internet? I don't know and I probably prefer not to know because it's scary. 

Well... Five years. Five different stages and discovering the nooks and crannies of the internet. Is it a time machine or is it my different point of view? Or maybe you also have similar conclusions?

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