Golden whisper

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It goes from person to person, transmitted in secret like stardust, something that by definition shouldn't see the light of day, but have the greatest power possible. Exciting and arousing interest. Faster than light, it instantly goes around the world and creates a new reality. 

Golden whisper. 

For some, a curse, for others something very precious. It can make you laugh, cause the harm as huge as an atomic bomb, or prove that you didn't really know anything about yourself. You - nothing, but others (especially strangers) - everything. The most wonderful paradox of this world. 

And you, what did you learn about yourself from nothing else but the top hit since mankind exists - gossips? 
Today, instead of focusing on the evil they brought, harms, that perhaps stuck in your mind and vibrate in the air all the time (and undoubtedly, everyone has fallen ill of effects of false information at least once in their lives), let's look at the thing from a different side - what are the weirdest stories you heard about yourself? What did you learn about yourself from strangers, what even you didn't know about yourself? What made you laugh, what upset you, and what shocked you to breathlessness? 

The collection of stories, news and alleged facts about myself, which I heard from people, usually the ones who were completely unrelated to me, is so large that I could confidently create a thick book about these. 
From extremes to extremes, from the greatest holiness to pure evil lighting the fires of hell. People assigning to me various scenarios and creating a biography that I never dreamed of is my bread and butter already. From making me a monster, the worst creature and satan, forcibly trying to set the world against me, through convincing themselves and everyone around that I am a fake, a hologram and in general a creature that doesn't exist or is virtually created by another person (yes, however strange it might sound, that's how it was, and for some it still is, some still recognize me as an unreal character), to recognizing me as a world-class celebrity, influencer and top-flight star. 
Relationships with colleagues or guys I don't even know personally, romances? Sure, it's just a shame I don't have a clue about it. Pregnancy again? Oh cramp, probably slimming, I think every woman would like to be pregnant, when instead of growing - her body is getting skinner. "This famous"? Of course, after all paparazzi are just lurking next to my house to take a cover photo of me, I think I'll start wearing black glasses. Another move? Hmmm... This is more than possible. A temptress, a different guy around every corner. Uuuu... Well, congratulations on your imagination. 

However, the biggest surprise and shock for me was the situation when at work (and, as you know, the people I work with change every flight), through a little conversation with one of the colleagues that I met for the first time, I realized that people from the company, who haven't met me face to face yet think that I'm someone famous and influential. Well, of course, I was the last to learn about it (this is probably the standard). Although the fact is that this is another rumor, because I am far from being famous and influential, just a normal girl - it caused a moment of cheerful laughter and a smile on my face, which during work is particularly positive and purifying the atmosphere, so a big and nice advantage. 

In addition to the fact that the mysterious whispers transmitted from ear to ear can mess up pretty much, cause a lot of misunderstandings, damage that will leave its mark for many years, a large part of it is also a pure work of art and a show of human imagination and creativity. I have laughed to tears many times and couldn't believe my ears, listening to what others think about me without knowing anything at all about me. Once I wanted to understand why, where such cosmic ideas come from, however, after delving into even larger abstractions, I just gave up. But nevertheless, there's one thing that cannot be denied to the people who create these stories - a high level of creativity, stubbornness, dedication to the object of their interests, and above all the imagination, that often blows my mind. As you can see, everything also has the other side, depending on your point of view, you can get angry or laugh, fight the wind or turn it into your power. Once noticed, won't be forgotten. 

And you? What are your experiences with colored rumors? Did you only encounter unpleasantness, trouble and an unpleasant echo, which is reflected somewhere in the psyche, or were there also some pearls that made you laugh, boosted your mood and made you roll with laughter?

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