Stay away

by - 1:28 PM

You are a positive person, you enjoy every, even the smallest success, appreciate the smallest achievements, believe that it can be better, and above all, you see the world in bright colors, but whenever your wings spread, there will be someone who hurries with an ax to cut them? 


Walking poisons, spreading negative energy around them, destroying good mood... And no matter how much you tried, don't even count on them ever telling you something nice. 
If you think they will disappear, you are wrong. Such people get a huge pleasure from their harshness, and making someone sad satisfies them a lot and they will never miss any, even the slightest opportunity to tell someone something that definitely won't improve their mood. Do you know someone like that?

These energetic vampires are extremely happy to see that they managed to sadden someone, cut their wings, take joy from something that was important for them. And no matter how much you fight for good opinion, or how hard you try, they will never give you anything positive. Just gradually poison what is good, plans, dreams, values, until you finally become a shadow of yourself. Don't like this vision, huh?
Don't worry, just believe in yourself and know your worth, and such people will lose all influence. Having power, looking positively at the world and being aware of your achievements that don't come easily, you can easily and definitely cut off the access to yourself people who don't bring anything good, on the contrary, harm and disrupt positive vibrations in your life. That's why it's not worth giving up, you have to believe in yourself, keep your head high and not allow those who only can tell someone how bad they are and that everything that comes out of them is worthless anyway. 
Because no achievement, even the smallest one, whether personal, life or professional, is worthless.

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