Liars Liars

by - 9:13 AM

Every single day, thousands of passengers pass through the boards of planes. Each of them wants their journey to pass well and in high standard, everyone tries to make it as pleasant as possible, but not everyone fairly... 

This kind of passengers, which I will write about, is known to actually every person working in aviation, concretely passengers-cheaters. 
You want to fly in royal standards, preferably in business class, or even better - first, but you can only afford a ticket to the economy? Nothing lost! You can be in an imaginary pregnancy, make a big fuss, or find a hole in the whole and threaten the airline the process! Surprised? This is just the beginning.
Imagined pregnancies, boarding passes for upper classes forgotten in checked-in baggage, monstrous fear of flying, seating claustrophobia, alleged promises made by the airline, fanciful illnesses without a medical certificate or simply rudeness and aggression are just a small part of the counting. 
Many would be surprised at how "creative" people can be to come up with a scam that is good enough to get them better conditions for free, which they cannot afford fairly, or simply their avarice takes over them. Why legally, if you can cheat.
The best thing about this circus is that they think that nobody knows anything. The problem is that we know. Cabin crew are not stupid and are well aware of their presence, in the blink of an eye deciphering cheaters. 
Therefore, if you are one of those gimmicks, the next time before you decide to cheat on the airline, think whether you won't become the laughing stock of the crew, thus getting nothing.

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