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Flying is connected to constant changes of locations, migrations between countries, and often also continents. This work is a constant contact not only with people, but also bacteria, viruses and diseases spreading in the blink of eye...

 "Cabin crew meet more pathogenic microorganisms than a doctor on hospital duty" 

These are the words of one of the doctors that come to my mind every time something happens in society, and more specifically, when the agitation of various diseases increases, especially those unknown and exotic. Recently, people have gone crazy about the hatching of a new virus in China, namely "coronavirus", which within a few days began to spread beyond the borders of the country and even the continent, soon appearing also in Europe, America, Australia and other Asian countries.
 People, powered by information from the media, panicked, getting just a little cough, a slightly higher temperature and already hospitals and clinics are bursting at the seams. In society there is chaos, agitation, fear, and... Airplanes are still flying. Not only that, someone has to work in them! More than one person gets headache at that thought, airports are full of people in masks, on board the situation is not much different... 

And "they" just fly, and what, aren't they afraid?! 

No they are not afraid. Of course, there is a fear about your own health and safety, or bringing something home and "offering" to your loved ones, but no cabin crew are panicking. The highest precautions are taken, greater care for hygiene, increased distance between the crew and passengers, and planes have a special supply of protective masks, but no one is carried away by a wave of devastating fear. Passengers are more panicked, but well, without unnecessary comment - if you are afraid of illness and you are not in an emergency situation, just don't go to the place that is its center... 
My airline makes quite a lot of flights Asian destinations, where the coronavirus has now the epicenter, but panic doesn't interfere with normal operations, and everyone is trying to be extremely cautious and nobody shakes at the thought that they will return from work fatally ill, whether that means the current epidemic, or all other diseases to which crews are exposed in their daily routine. 
The truth, even in the opinion of many doctors, is that the latest virus is the most dangerous because of the media confusion that it causes, and in fact, ordinary flu poses a much greater threat to people and is definitely more virulent than the disease that currently spreads the greatest terror. 

So let's, enjoy the life, take care of proper hygiene, body resistance, be careful in too close contact with other people and let's not go crazy, because what is meant to happen will happen. It's really not worth to get into hysteria.

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