Lost in universe

by - 1:31 AM

Where have you gone?
What happened to you?
Did you quit writing?
You loved it so much...

I have read and heard these questions at almost every step for last several months. People watch, see and feel that something has changed, that something is "wrong". Some miss my posts, others are curious, and others concerned about the current state of things, because my end of writing seems almost as unbelievable as the end of the world in December this year. So what's going on?
Many are wondering if I really decided to close the chapter called creation and stop working on the blog, even though I couldn't imagine myself and my life without this before. So... did I do that? Really?
No. Running a blog, writing and taking photos for my readers is still my great passion, something that gives me joy and a feeling of big satisfaction, but...
As you know, I'm not just an ordinary blogger who is a free bird and has time to write new articles whenever wants. I am also a flight attendant, a person flying all over the world, in my life everything changes like a kaleidoscope every day, and living between the skies and Madagascar, Zanzibar, Maldives and many others, finding even a moment for a blog is incredibly hard. Incredibly.
It cannot be hidden that I live at top speed, wandering between all continents with one breath. One day I am in Cuba, the other in Oman, and the third in Amsterdam. I often forget what a sleep is and I dream that could add to each day another twelve, and preferably (what a dreamer I am!) Twenty-four hours...
You must be thinking "How has she not gone crazy yet?!", right? I didn't go crazy because I love flying above all else and the work of Cabin Crew is (literally) a life for me, part of me, my personality, my personal energy. I can't even think what would happen if I was suddenly forbidden to travel... And I prefer not to think, because this vision would definitely not be colorful and would definitely not give me positive vibes. However... Where is the blog place in all this? Where is the space for creativity in this mess? Has being a flight attendant killed my creativity and the need to share my experiences with the world?
No! Of course not! But the facts are hard and indisputable. The day can't be extended, time cannot be stopped, and space-time cannot be bent according to your own needs. And although I feel an irresistible desire to come back, I would love to do this - posting from the sky is not light as a cloud. Add to this fatigue and a lot of overdue matters after coming back home, which must be managed as soon as possible and there is quite a big confusion. Even more than quite. It's not easy, but despite this, I will try to go over the obstacles and appear here, even only twice a month, but be - after all it's always better something than nothing.

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