International Civil Aviation Day

by - 10:51 PM

The seventh of December is twenty-four hours around the world, to celebrate the effort of those who create the air world. 

Today is a special day for everyone, without whom aviation wouldn't exist. So all those who work hard every day to provide us and our passengers with comfort and safety, who try to take care of the best organization and improve the operation of airports... Cabin crew, pilots, mechanics, dispatchers, gate agents, flight controllers and many, many others who are the pillars of the winged world - I wish all the best, satisfaction with your profession, the least nerves and the most joy and calm at work. 

It's you who open the gate to the sky every day for millions of people, thanks to you we have as many possibilities as we have. As a member of the aviation & airline family and flight attendant, thank you, thank you so much for your help and contact with you, for your kindness, openness and patient handling of each of my flights, our flights, what is not always easy and colorful, and often tedious and tiring. 

All those who are not involved in the industry on a daily basis - remember that aviation is not only cabin crew and pilots. It's also a lot of other people you see passing through the airport, on the way to the plane, as well as those who are down low and take care of your safety and good travel. Remember them and appreciate their work, which requires a lot of patience and dedication. They are your angels who look after you from the ground, even when you are with us high in the air. 

WE ARE ALL #UnitedBySky ❤

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