Ocean Letter

by - 12:02 PM

I wrote a letter in the bottle.
Modern people will laugh at me, environmentalists will eat.
How can I do that?!

It's the 21st century, everything around is developing, there are more and more ways of communication, and yet... Who would think that sometimes a return to something known only from the stories and memories of the older generation is able to bring a lot of joy and sentiment.
It may seem ridiculous and old-fashioned, but I decided to try myself the ritual loved especially by lovers and romantics experiencing their youth in the last century.
Hot beach, tropical island, paper, pen and bottle, and in the bottle, closed feelings of the moment and dreams that were about to be hidden by the ocean. Scenario as from a romantic movie? Going back in time? Maybe, but who has never tried, that...
For some, it's a total nonsense, but wouldn't it be fantastic to find a bottle on the ocean shore with a letter written by a completely stranger whom you don't know anything about, you have no idea who are they, what do they look like, what they doe, or why did they do that, and then along with the unfolding sheet of rolled up paper, the story of this man unfolds, paints their picture, their emotions, feelings, experiences are displayed in front of your eyes like on a projector... Who are they. Mysterious and also kind of romantic experience that will definitely be remembered for a long time.
As a child, spending time on the beach, especially close to the sea, I always wondered what it would be like to write a letter whose recipient is someone unknown on the other side of the great water, and the indefinite delivery time, dictated by power of waves. In my mind I had various, wide scenarios, "what would happen if"... What would happen if the sea threw the parcel in another country, how would the person who finds it react, whether anyone would open it or maybe it would stuck somewhere on the bottom for all eternity, found only by sea creatures, and what if you add contact details, maybe a mysterious recipient would write back...?
As many times as I stood on the shore through years, so many times I was full of such questions, and finally I decided to do it and satisfy the curiosity of a little girl from years ago, as an adult.
I wrote a letter in a bottle, exactly the way I had imagined it at the time, filling it to the brim with who I am, as if it was to be the only souvenir that will be left after me somewhere in the big world. Will this story be continued? Who knows, but one thing is sure, it is an incredibly positive experience that I will always be glad to remember.

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