With no words

by - 5:25 PM

Sometimes there are moments that lead to amazing emotions, even at the other end of the world...

Madagascar. An island country in Africa, which is seen by the world as a tourist paradise and the the home of characters from animated films. However, to learn the truth and feel the pulse of life there, you need to leave the sterile environment of holiday resorts... 

Day, ordinary, sunny, on one of the local beaches. However, it is this special day that will remain in my heart for the rest of my life and one of those that will always cause tears of emotion in my eyes. 
Kids. They immediately put a smile on my face, and when those shy and afraid babies came up to me and began to cuddle, my heart melted. Their joyful smiles, when a few moments later they ran towards me in impatience "who will be first" and hugged with all their strength, not wanting to let go, little hands hung on my neck, a mermaid drawn by them from the bottom of their heart and the crying of these kids, when evening came and they had to go home and didn't want to say goodbye, led me to tears. Lovely, wonderful little ones.
Although we didn't know the meaning of our words, we understood each other perfectly, because we spoke in an international language that everyone understands, in the language of gestures, gazes and feelings. Because not words are the key to communication, but openness and a good heart.

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