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"You still wander" 
"You spend more time abroad than at home"
"Don't you mind living out of suitcase?" 

There is really no week when someone would not ask me "AREN'T YOU BORED?!" 
There are also words of compassion "MUST BE HARD, ALL THE TIME ON A JOURNEY". 
I can't also complain about the lack of "SUCH LIFE IS NOT A LIFE". 

One conclusion quickly comes to mind: the work of a flight attendant is not a job for the homebodies who are afraid of challenges and changes. Such people will quickly feel tired, burned out, irritated by the lack of stability and continuous rotations that turn life upside down.
And me? I am a traveler who needs a change of place like oxygen. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for me it's not a torment, not a difficulty which others cannot get over. For me, this work is a guarantee of a constant breeze of freshness, inflow of new power, and if I had to spend all my time in one place only, my psyche would have been in ruin a long time ago (literally in ruin). I am the kind of person who, being at the same point for a few months, would start to choke, burn out, feel uncomfortable, physically and mentally. I need changes, rotations, flows, long journeys to... Live! 

Therefore, to all those who eagerly tell me "THIS LIFE IS NOT A LIFE"... This, my dear IS A LIFE. 

On heels, in a skirt, with a suitcase in hand, from plane to plane. What's interesting about that? Maybe nothing, but if the plane and traveling are your oxygen - believe me, then it means everything. And if you don't believe, just try to breathe without oxygen and you'll quickly find out what my life would be without flying. Add to this not short stays in exotic places, getting to know other cultures and... Life could not be any better!

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