Me & TV

by - 2:14 PM

I got an invitation to the TV program. 

How? Why?

I asked and at some moments I still ask myself such questions. Shock and disbelief? It's an understatement! How? Me? Such a little mouse? Impossible and yet. 
About a year ago I saw the story of an ordinary girl, wife, mother, creating her own YouTube channel, who recorded a video about an offer from TV and you know what? Watching it I was laughing to tears. My first thought? "Oh girl, why do you tell fairy tales? Do you really think someone is gonna believe you?" Yes I know. The devil hater. Shame on me. But it really was like this, and I didn't believe a word of it. I couldn't believe it and I didn't believe it later as well. By the time. 
So, going back to the topic, I got an invitation to a TV program. How did this happen? Attention attention, the surprise was waiting in the classic email! Yes exactly. I received a message to a public email address from a person from one of the largest private TV stations in the country asking if I would be interested in participating in a few weeks long "top large format production". What a tempting offer, an invitation from the devil himself, a piece of the media sky is opening, who active in this environment wouldn't want to effortlessly sit on a fluffy cloud and fly straight into the heavens? Sin would be not to use such an occasion, right? 
Not taking it is a sin, but I like to sin, and I'm already working in the heavens, so I didn't accept the "straight-from-Hollywood" offer and I chose my life in the sky. I may be burnt in hell for that, but instead of cameras I prefer aircraft, paradise Maldives, sandy beaches in Zanzibar and my lemurs in Madagascar.

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