Life in Barcelona.

by - 10:25 AM

In the last post about Barcelona, ​​I promised that the next post would be entirely sacrificed to the realities of life in the capital of Catalonia, which has been my home for several months. 
I'm writing this text resting from the hot sun in the park of Sagrada Familia, looking at blooming, soothing pink roses and lush green palms, and I wish you that your day would be same good, wherever you are now. 
Recently, I spoke about this city in superlatives, I even wrote that I would gladly stay here permanently... So what impressed me here so much that I can't say any single bad word about it? Let me explain. 
Barcelona is an amazing city. The atmosphere is so light and joyful that you won't find another point like this in the world. Dance, music and singing on the streets, people grinning from ear to ear, joyful laughter of children carried by the wind... There is no chance not to get "infected" with it. Even when leaving the house in the nastiest mood possible, it's impossible not to feel better after a while. The climate is so crisp and pulsating with positive energy that it immediately puts a smile on your face and even the worst humor goes away. On the one hand, an idyll and on the other a mixture of hot blood and explosive temperaments. For me it's an environment in which I am like a kid in a candy store, because I don't belong to quiet and cold people, on the contrary, I don't really like the cold, numb atmosphere. 
In addition, Barcelona is a living work of art, walking down the street you can enjoy the eye at every step, it's really beautiful, cozy, and by the way you can feel this specific, artistic atmosphere every moment. And if it's still not enough, you can always visit one of the beaches and relax listening to the sea waves rhythmically hitting the shore.

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