I'm addicted to my JOB.

by - 2:06 PM

Yes, I'm addicted to my job and I'm not afraid to admit it. 

Many people think that the work of the flight attendant is like a job like any other. However, no. Cabin crew is not a profession. It's a person, character and lifestyle. Being a flight attendant is giving your whole life to the sky, dedicating many aspects of your life and literally - living in the sky, even in your free time. 
For me it is the greatest passion, power and pure pleasure, which doesn't deserve a stiff and often stigmatizing name of work, because it is something much more, that brings experiences so beautiful and heavenly, in the literal sense of the word that no one who spends his life on earth can ever experience. 
My everyday life goes on in the sky and I am very proud and satisfied of it. I love my job that allows me to live in a different dimension, rise above the grays and (literally) rock in the clouds, seeing places I had never dreamed of before. Flying is my addiction, my drug, power and blood in my veins. There is no more beautiful profession that would bring so many spiritual, global and personal benefits. The aircraft is my flying home, which takes me wherever I have ever dreamed of being, and with each passing day following the spirit of aviation is becoming an increasing part of me. Isn't it wonderful to run to work with pleasure and finish it with a hunger and desire for more, when others from the first minute dream of finishing and returning home?

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