What was, when...

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Okay. I was absent so long. Even longer than long, because from the beginning of January. A big piece of time, nothing to discuss. In all my blogger's career, a break from writing longer than this, happened to me only once. So it would be good to explain what happened because unusually much happened. Therefore, in short about the most important, because the post is not a book, and some things will be described in separate articles. What happened when I was gone? 

I turned twenty! 

Yes, the time has passed quickly, I don't know when, I was just a little girl, and now even the teenage years are over. Some of you still remember me as a beginning sixteen, and now it seems as distant as another galaxy. However happily, entering the twenties went joyfully, easy and doing what I love. Keep it up! 

I changed my job! 

As some of you know, last year I started a cabin crew career. It's been a profession that I dreamed about for a long time and without which I can't imagine my life today, but there is no progress without change, so it finally came to the turning point of changing boards and going to much better, more prestigious airlines. Time to get to know the new dimension of the sky! 

I moved! 

Some time ago I moved to Italy, to a place where in normal circumstances I would probably never have a chance to live, what also never came to my mind before that I would end up there one day. Where? About this in another post. And if that was not enough, I'm preparing to another move soon. Changes, changes and changes once again, fortunately - only positive. 

More countries visited! 

During those few months I managed to visit and see other European countries, but not only. From the cold, winter lands under the North Pole, through the moderate center, to the southern hot zone. Adventures and beautiful memories to the fullest, and the best of them I will share with you in the following days. 

Now, after all these months of downtime, I found time to open my laptop, fill the gaps, and finally add something new to my internet corner. I hope that you will like the breath of a little bit of fresh air.

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