Arab Princess.

by - 5:21 PM

Arabs... Arab culture... Arabic language... Arab customs... Arab countries... Arab life... Arabic world... You must admit, regardless of whether you are the people of the Arab circle, or you come from any other place of the world and from other cultures, that at least once you have met at least one person who is hostile to Arab things, doesn't hide their opposition to this culture and generally, for them would be better if it didn't exist at all.
Unfortunately, the sad truth is that despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, many people living in a huge, rich, well-developed and (as it might seem) highly educated countries still show a high level of intolerance, prejudice, racism and xenophobia. In what a highly civilized, today's world.
Aversion, surly behavior, often unpleasant comments... It all hurts and is sad, and many people seem not to notice it, as if they forgot that Arab is also a man, has feelings and deserves the same respect as all other nationalities. Arab origin doesn't mean someone is worse, bad or even a terrorist. We don't live in the Medieval, so it would be good to finally learn tolerance and respect for other people, regardless of their country of origin, religion, name or culture. And before you insult again, think about how you would feel if someone harassed you for your origin...

Personally, many times I have already been asked how it is that I don't have any prejudices, that I am not afraid, I don't avoid any conversations and I'm open to making contacts with different nationalities and cultural groups. Then I always answer that for me human is a human. Not a flag, not a currency, not a label. It's simply a man who deserves respect, understanding and has the right to be treated equally with everyone. I don't segregate people according to their religion, place of birth, social status or skin color. For me, everyone is equal and I don't look down on anyone. And every time when, because of my interest in Arabic culture, countries, language or Islam, people call me an Arab Princess, I treat it with a pinch of salt and make it a joke to chill out the atmosphere. And really, I recommend to everyone a little more distance, tolerance and openness to the world, and life will soon be easier and much more enjoyable.

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