...Make Beautiful!

by - 6:28 PM

Are you afraid to stand out? Yes? It's the time to change it!

There are many souls in the world who want to blend into the crowd as much as possible, become part of a homogeneous whole, live peacefully and quietly, without standing out of the rest. There are many reasons, but in the vast majority, fear of rejection, stigma, or being taken as someone strange, ridiculous or abnormal speaks for such an attitude...
But hey! Is this reason enough to inhibit and block your real personality? Is it the reason big enough to not to enjoy life fully? Of course not!
Man is born in order to be happy, and embarrassment definitely doesn't make that purpose closer. After all, the differences, these small and big ones, are what make us unique and beautiful. This is what makes it impossible to find another identical person. Why to, out of own choice, deprive yourself of your uniqueness and independence? What is the goal in giving up what is in our souls to "be like others" for the longer time? What is the purpose of blending into the grey mass with the price of losing yourself? Calm? Invisibility? Silence? Is there any bigger sense at all?
If you are a person who is afraid that if you stand out of others, you will lose your good reputation, will be rejected or begin to be perceived as a misfit, you have nothing to be afraid of. People will always talk and there will always be something they don't like and believe it, you will never be able to please everyone. So think about what you prefer, live in mediocrity as one of many identical grey points, or be a man full of colors, joy, smile and energy, breathing full breast and live life to the fullest.
Drowning in mediocrity is very easy, but to break out of it and be someone who represents completely different horizons, is often quite a feat and many people fail to do this for years and even for all their lives. Therefore, make a decision and start changing yourself today.
Remember that the ability to live in a group and integrate with other people doesn't mean that you have to be the same as them. It doesn't mean that you have to blend in with the crowd and give up on your personality, become colorless, who is "like the others". No. Be yourself, respect other people and their views, but be assertive and don't be afraid to leave the grey mediocrity behind you and go ahead. Differences are what makes us beautiful, not bad. Appreciate them because thanks to them you are someone special and remember that the better version of you starts in your mind.

Maybe it's the highest time to become a pearl among millions of grains of sand?

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