United Arab Emirates

by - 10:13 PM

What do United Arab Emirates connote?
The wealth, multiculturalism, the best airline in the world, or maybe the highest existing building?
Indeed, Emirates are a record holder in many aspects, millions of lights, ultra-modern character, best of bests at many fields... Golden land. So open, after all still exclusive enough that not everyone can make own place there, at least not for a long time. Country which surprises on almost every step and so breathtaking... Surprised me too.
To be honest, Emirates were and are my, not only touristic, but also developmental destination for a long time already. For a long time I actually also dreamt of it, to just possibly let myself to be known there, to find the bigger circle of readers, in spite of the fact that I knew that it would be almost like a miracle, because... Yeah exactly, because. Because the other culture, because other habits, because, after all, it's still an Arab country. And although I have also guests from Qatar or Saudi here, the big traffic from Emirates, despite everything remained only a wish, because I didn't believe that at any time I would manage to get there this way. After all... I don't know how, I don't know why, but it happened. Within last six months I can't believe my eyes, what a huge amount of visits and big crowds of readers from UAE are here. So short time ago I just wondered if at any time I would manage to leave there any sign of myself, and now... In just half a year this dreamland took the third place at the forefront of my readers.

Is it possible? It is possible. Sometimes even what seems to be most distant and unavailable, suddenly comes, by surprise and causes a lot of joy. Therefore now I can do nothing, like only wait for further, surprising effects.

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