Be Happy.

by - 11:10 AM

People are seeking their happiness in money, successes, achievements, wealth, new things, parties... They are buying the newest clothes, the most expensive cars, the most beautiful houses... They are doing a lot of things in order to show others how very much happy are, what a good life status they have. However they forget that real happiness isn't material. It isn't a thing, isn't a banknote, isn't a real estate...
Unfortunately not everyone realizes, that in order to be really happy, it is necessary to find happiness in oneself first. It is necessary to be able to accept oneself, to love both own virtues, as well as to be reconciled with faults, to accept own body, to clean the mind from negative thoughts and to be pleased with oneself.
Because as long as the man doesn't accept and doesn't love oneself, doesn't understand what is the most precious in them and doesn't start to appreciate oneself, even if has loving people at their side, even if holds strongroom full of gold and has all best tangible property, will never be truly happy, as long as doesn't feel happy with oneself. Because the key to happiness isn't in surrounding world. It is in heart.

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